Jungian Psychoanalyst


The decision to seek out psychotherapy can be the first step in addressing the unease, imbalance, and concerns you may be experiencing. I honor and respect that decision and will do my utmost in protecting your privacy, answering your questions, and guiding you through the process.

Many people seek outside support. Some reasons why:

  • A life event that is particularly unsettling
  • When life feels overwhelming or meaningless
  • Problems with relationships at work or home
  • Feeling out of touch with oneself and the direction of one’s life
  • A desire for increased self-knowledge and awareness
  • Living with feelings of depression, anxiety, anger, guilt, shame, grief/loss
  • Dealing with the aftereffects of abuse.

Possible Outcomes from Psychotherapy:

  • Increased awareness of one’s strengths and limitations
  • Increased sense of self and self-worth
  • Increased awareness of options and potentials
  • Improved relationships
  • A balanced and healthy sense of responsibility for oneself and others
  • A relief from compulsive thoughts and behaviors

My practice is comprised of people with serious mental illness managing daily living to people who enter therapy to enlarge their vision of themselves and life. We work together to understand and follow healthy patterns while unpacking the areas of life that need more awareness and action.

I work with individuals alone, or in a relationship, uncovering the patterns, choices, and energy of their lives to discover where they are stuck and how they can move. Movement is powerful and transformative. I provide a safe and nurturing environment to grow and heal.

Insurance Options

I am in-network with Regence BC/BS, First Choice Health, MODA, Pacific Source, Multi-Plan, Health Net (MHN), Coventry, Lifewise, Premera, and will bill insurance for you.  If you have out-of-network benefits with an insurance company not listed here, it may cover my services. Some people wish to avoid using insurance for privacy reasons. My rates range from $110-$150/session. Please contact me with any questions.