Jungian Psychoanalyst


Sandplay Therapy was developed by Swiss analyst Dora Kalff. It basically consists of a sandbox at about waist height and a profusion of miniature figures with which to make a picture. Clients are invited to use this “free and protected space” (Kalff) to create a “picture”.

The miniatures are archetypes from dreams, stories, myths, tales, and everyday life.  They represent the heroes, warriors, saviors, tricksters, mystics, the brave, the wounded, the baby, and the survivor. I have archetypal symbols such as the dragon, the king, queen, saint, boy, girl, serpent, dog, cat, horse, bat, frog, and turtle.  These figures may represent your own patterns, emotions, defenses, and judgments. Sandplay therapy informs the personal content of your life from a deeper, more unconscious level, using symbols and archetypes.

It may also provide some needed ease and relaxation.  Patients who “play” in the sand may begin their session feeling, “at odds”, “broken” or “confused”, and after creating a sand picture, report feeling “more centered”, “calm”, and “more connected to my core”.

Some people report feeling “silly” or “juvenile” when creating a sand picture. This often happens when the thinking/feeling function is out of balance. We all have degrees of functioning in the thinking/feeling realm. Insight into the balance of these two very important ways of being will most likely occur when we work together. Sandplay therapy is just one method used in depth psychotherapy.

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